The two-day FinTech Conference will bring the FinTech ecosystem together and it will also help in building relationships, share knowledge and create business opportunities.

The potential of new technologies and applications  is to transform and leapfrog financial services in Africa. It is not in doubt with the innovative trend from banks, fintechs and mobile network operators in providing basic financial services encompassing payment, banking, money transfers, insurance, crowd funding, etc across the continent.  The continent is moving away rapidly from legacy systems and leapfrogging into next generation technologies with new opportunities for the supply and demand side operators in the space of the African financial technology.


The CashlessAfrica expo 2017 brings top executives from Fintechs, Banks, regulators, card processors, switch providers, systems and application providers across the globe together. It  also showcases case studies on digital financial services, next generation banking, mobile financial services, payments, microfinance and innovations in the financial service sector.

It will be the largest gathering of stakeholders in the digital financial services ecosystem serving the African continent. It also investigates first-hand information from leading executives and discovers how policies, trends and emerging technologies are impacting the Africa digital financial services ecosystem.


The conference aims to create a continental dialogue on the impact of digital financial services and explore the role of new innovations in extending  and expanding the reach of the services.

  •  Initiate and explore collaborative efforts among stakeholders to deepen partnerships, open new market access so as to broaden financial access in Africa.
  • Finally, it will help foster and develop a deeper understanding of the evolving financial services ecosystem  as well as provide insights that will guide regulators, policy makers, government, businesses and investment decisions.


  • The digital bank and evolution in a Competitive Market
  • The Future of banking, money and payments in Africa        
  • Disruptive technologies and their impact on Financial Services in Africa
  • Balancing regulation against innovation
  • Financial inclusion in the digital age
  • Fintechs and Banks: Collaboration or Competition
  • Protecting the customer in a digitalized economy